OnPoint To Be Featured In National Prep Magazine

by jessie Williams

Orlando, FL - OnPoint Hoops Academy will be featured in a startup, limited print, online magazine that exclusively covers prep and youth sports across the country.  The magazine, the Prep Student-Athlete Gazzette, is based in Orlando, FL and primarily provides extensive coverage in footbal and basketball, but does delve into other sports according to one of the Jr Executive writers Khalil Smith of Sanford Seminole high school in Sanford, FL.  

The second cover has already been released, and features the OnPoint Hoops Academy post graduate team in a recent photo shoot depicting some of the players' favorable shots.  This online magazine has not been provided a release date yet, but the cover reads January 2018, so we expect it to drop soon as the magazine is scheduled to do interviews and cover life of a post grad student, coach, and staff in the coming week after the new year.

Photo Courtesy of the Prep Student-Athlete Gazzette.